10 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins to Consider in 2023

It’s already a popular WordPress plugin, mainly thanks to MobileMonkey’s intelligent chat marketing technology. AI-based chatbots don’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, some are even free to use, with Gobot as one of the best examples. I’m using messenger chat bot for many years and have a good experience but after this article, Now I have other alternatives to test may be they perform better than messenger. We haven’t gotten around to testing WpBot or Dialogflow, but we definitely will. They look easy to use, which is definitely a plus when it comes to chatbot tools.

  • Then it aids you to increase your inbound leads by 200% via live chat.
  • Through this app, you can answer questions to your visitors on your site.
  • So if a business wants to create chatbots, this is one of the best chatbots that come to mind.
  • Here’s a quick video on how to make a WordPress chatbot from Tidio.
  • With Gobot, you can allow users to search for the right product quickly.
  • It responds immediately and provides multiple answer choices for users to select from.

Apart from the live chat, MobileMonkey has chatbots for all the platforms listed above that you can configure either for collecting leads or answering the visitor’s FAQs. However, they divided their pricing and plans based on the needs of the business. You can improve your productivity rate in customer service by using Drift.

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Collected data or visitors’ responses can be analyzed visually. Able to convert normal chats into meetings with Book appointment feature. Custom roles, 1 on 1 onboarding, dedicated chatbot consultant. It has more than 100,000 active installations worldwide.


With this plugin, customers will be able to access live chat support at any time in a convenient and efficient manner. WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey is a great option for those looking to add a chatbot to their WordPress website. This plugin allows users to easily add Facebook Messenger chat functionality to their site with just a few clicks. Botsify provides automated customer service through live chatbots integrated into many platforms and seamless live chat integration between platforms. Messenger Bots is one of the best chatbot plugins for your WordPress site.

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In this case, directing visitors to a static website page won’t be enough to answer their question. For example, Landbot asks each visitor for their name, then addresses them by name throughout the rest of their interaction. Chatbot need help CTAIf a visitor asks a question that’s already answered on their site, the bot responds with a brief answer, along with links to more in-depth information. And they can do this at virtually every part of the customer journey. After all, 85% of B2B marketers say they aren’t happy with their results. So it’s clear that the status quo simply isn’t working for most.

What is the best free AI chatbot?

  • Intercom.
  • Zendesk Support Suite.
  • Tidio.
  • Drift.
  • MobileMonkey.
  • Landbot.
  • Birdeye.
  • Botmaker.

That completes our list of the top WordPress chatbot builders of 2023. Now that you know whom to look for when building a chatbot for your own website, let us show you how this can actually be done. Chaty connects to all popular channels, including Twitter, Snapchat, Slack, and even Google Maps. A premium plan lets you use as many as you want, while expanding its features for customizing, automating, and analyzing your chatbots. You can also adjust your bot’s responses and triggers as easily as the chat box’s color scheme and images.

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Its ability to capture and qualify leads has helped a lot of its clients improve conversion rates. Given how beneficial chatbots are for WordPress users, it is essential to consider some of the crucial criteria to help you narrow down the best options for your business. Chatbots on your WordPress website can greatly enhance the quality of interactions visitors have with your website. Bots can be designed to have human-like conversations with visitors, giving them the feeling that they are not just talking to a machine. This level of personalization also enhances your brand, which will indirectly increase the bottom line of your business. Bots can be used to update customers with new product offerings, and discounts, and also help them make the right purchase decisions.


Depending on the size of your business, you can spend between $9 and $239 per month after your 30-day free trial. Their assigned triggers and responses will lead visitors to what they need, including a live chat with you. Ultimately, they help build a positive public image, collect insightful information, and generate leads, helping your brand prosper. Ultimately, if your Botsify chatbot can’t provide visitors with the answers they need, they can request human help instantly. The service then notifies you or your team so someone can jump in and save the day. However, there’s a big gap in the experience between using a correctly set up chatbot and one that isn’t.

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The plugin offers support directly from the chat window. You can give your responses to the FAQs quickly in the backend. With WoowBot, you can get your store up and running, increase your conversion rate, boost your sales, and be there for your users 24/7 to maintain your website’s functionality.

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In fact, one of the best roles a chatbot can play on a website is a connection between your customers and your staff. In addition to collecting information about your leads, a bot can also identify high-quality leads and make them a priority for your team. The most important goal for any lead-based company’s website is collecting information your sales team can use to contact new prospects. Even if you have the most dedicated sales team in the world, they likely don’t have the time to be checking your CRM for new leads that often.

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best chatbot for wordpress find the setup and installation process quite simple compared to many chatbot options in the market. They should have more customization options to create a chatbot widget of your needs. Improves sign-ups and increases your contact list eventually. Another undeniable benefit of using a WordPress chatbot plugin is its ability to encourage visitors to sign up for your events or newsletters, increasing your contact list. This AI-powered chatbot can also welcome website visitors and engage them with the latest offers and deals.

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