Why choose a career in cyber security?

They also understand how hacking works to protect the systems from data breaches. A cyber security expert monitors computer systems and digital environments for data breaches and external attacks. There is increased potential for career progression, especially in larger organisations and financial service providers. There is also scope for experienced security professionals to go into business for themselves as consultants. You can find out more about cyber security as an area of work, from an industry expert, here .

With our 24/7 monitoring systems, we can identify and resolve networking and hardware issues before they can cause serious downtime to your business. Internal candidates must have completed their probation for their current substantive posting and can only apply in tenure if Head of Department approval is emailed to prior to the vacancy closing. Internal candidates must confirm that they are not subject to formal action plans for sickness/complaints/discipline or poor performance and that all mandatory training courses have been attended and are in ticket/up to date.

A Day in the Life of a Cyber Security Specialist

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover through proactive engagement and assurance to ensure our IT applications and platforms are safe and secure. We can offer the successful candidate a blended home and office based working arrangement. A Cyber Security Specialist is required for a permanent role paying up to £59,064.98 per annum with British Transport Police to be located in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff or Glasgow. Our specialist and experienced Cyber Security team are ready to help you with your Security needs allowing you to focus on what’s important – running your Business.

Is cyber security specialist a good job?

Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful, secure, and continuing to grow. Cybersecurity specialists are very important because they are tasked with ensuring that people's data stays safe and secure.

According to government figures, around a third of cyber security jobs are in London. However, there are opportunities available all over the UK, especially in larger cities. One of the key benefits of having skills in cyber security is that you’ll be in high demand from employers. There is how to become a security specialist a significant shortage of talent in this sector, which means firms are always having to compete for the best employees. If you’re interested in a cyber security career and want to know more about the skills and qualifications needed, visit our Cyber Risk Training Courses & Qualifications.

Professional development

As a cyber security expert, you can get a job in different industry sectors that rely on technology. You can work in-house for a specific company and handle all their cyber security issues or work for an IT consultancy firm. Regardless of where you work, most of your duties are office-based, and you spend most of the time analysing computer systems and identifying ways to improve security. When you work for an IT consultancy, you work in your client’s office with security issues.

what is a cyber security specialist

Our services are competitively priced to ensure we deliver a cost effective and high quality service for less than traditional Cyber Security consultancies. Please create an account to save unlimited jobs in your personal profile. When you have two years of experience, CompTIA Security+ certification is suitable for your career progression. You need to develop your skills through certifications to increase your earnings and competitiveness in the market. For those wanting to develop leadership, management and supervisory capabilities, there are several different options, such as the Certified Information Security Manager certification.

Technical Operations Engineer (IT Support)

If you enjoy working in a fast-paced work environment and have exceptional computer skills, consider a career as a cyber security expert. The cyber security field provides an environment for continuous learning and exciting career progression opportunities. Whether you are making a career switch or are already in information technology , a cyber security role can propel your career.

  • Whether you are making a career switch or are already in information technology , a cyber security role can propel your career.
  • You should keep an eye on LinkedIn and the social media pages of potential employers as they may advertise roles this way.
  • The Cyber Security Expert founder, Robert Pritchard, is a regular contributor to media discussions and industry events.
  • Gaining a solid understanding of cyber and information security requirements in line with licensee business objectives.

That equates to £26.96 per hour, which is more than other IT sector jobs. An entry-level cyber security expert earns around £42,500 per year, while experienced workers earn about £70,000. The compensation package often includes health insurance benefits, paid vacations and other allowances. After gaining significant experience in the field, you may be able to progress into higher-level leadership and managerial roles, eventually progressing to become a director or head of cyber security. Setting up your own cyber security company or working as an independent cyber security consultant may also be possible. It’s a good idea to look at job adverts for cyber security analyst roles to get a feel for which certifications employers are looking for and to speak to your employer before choosing a certification.

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