BohdanOrlov iOS-Developer-Roadmap: Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018

The talent shortage keeps driving salaries higher and higher, even for entry-level positions. Software development is also one of the lucky jobs that you can do remotely. It’s understandable then that more and more people want to become iOS developers. A subreddit to share articles, code samples, open source projects and anything else related to iOS, macOS, watchOS, or tvOS development. However, the Special iOS Developer Skills required here are big picture thinking and an “Apple mindset”. Because the requirement for an iOS Developer is not only to build the app but also to make it perfectly compatible with Apple devices and Apple users as well.

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Start looking at iOS development jobs much earlier, even if you are not yet ready to apply for one. Everyone only talks about applying for jobs when you are ready for the interview. What I can tell you, though, is that, as a beginner, this is also not something you should worry about. You don’t have the skills yet to manage apps that complex. When you have enough experience to understand what it provides, you will decide for yourself if it’s useful or not.


That’s not necessary if you want to become an iOS developer, especially in today’s market, but it helps. If, understandably, you don’t care about me, feel free to jump to the next section. The first thing you need to decide is whether iOS development is for you. Third, it is probably the fast way to gain the necessary skills you will need to succeed as an IOS Developer. Second, Apple is still a powerhouse, and the demand for IOS-tailored apps simply isn’t going to go away. You can go with either UI Kit or Swift UI. They are not mutually exclusive.

iOS developer roadmap

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Architectural design patterns, software design principles, and paradigms

There are parts of it I never used, and others which I only touch rarely. At WWDC 2019, Apple introduced a new framework calledSwiftUI, which replaces UIKit. Since SwiftUI is more recent, it is not yet as mature as UIKit.

iOS developer roadmap

It’s important because when you are making IOS applications such as our Instagram, firebase app over here. You need to know how to put together Swift developer job UI that makes your user want to interact with your application. That salary depends on years of experience, technical skills, and education.

Conduct informal interviews at the companies you would like to work

For instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance we might send users an email. Generally, users may not opt-out of these communications, though they can deactivate their account information. However, these communications are not promotional in nature. The book will for sure have some exercises, so do those.

iOS developer roadmap

Looking at the increasing popularity of the iOS platform namely Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the macOS platform, it is safe to say that IOS developer demand isn’t going away, it will increase more and more. There are many reasons to become an iOS Developer such as high demand, competitive salary, and creative challenging work with various projects. Unit-testing code for robustness to ensure the quality and performance of apps. Collaborating with teams to design, define, and ship new app features.

Interview Questions

You can get it for free on the Mac App Store or directly on Apple’s website. While you will be using some visual tools to build apps, you will spend most of your time typing code. As a developer, you will work with designers that take care of the visual appearance of an app. That means you don’t need to learn how to use design tools like Sketch, Figma, or Omnigraffle. So it’s crucial to focus on the right things and not waste time on useless activities. And so core data allows you to build the base of your application based on the data structure you need inside your application and how to circumvent that logic.

iOS developer roadmap

👉iOS development tools are easy to learn and you can quickly start developing apps using in-built app development features in Apple devices. An IDE is a software for building applications that combines common developer tools into a single graphical user interface . It’s developed by Apple and it’s diverse enough for beginners who are looking for their first programming language, as well as for experienced developers who want to build complex applications. An IOS Developer is a Web Developer or mobile app software powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. They focus on building, testing, and tweaking using either the Objective-C or Swift programming languages. Learning Swift is really hard in places, and learning to build apps takes a lot of trial and error, a lot of making mistakes, and a lot of wrong turns.

The Foundation framework offers a simple API to store files in the file system. I would say that the second-most-important tool for iOS developers after Xcode is Git. In any case, you usually learn the relevant parts of this framework as you follow a book or course on iOS development. Many, if not all, iOS apps need to manage screens with long scrolling lists. While table views are just one of the many components of UIKit, I listed them separately because they are not straightforward.

  • Last year, I would have recommended learning UIKit first since most companies are still using it.
  • Becoming an iOS developer can be a challenging journey.
  • This is the core programming language from Apple – it has no concept of showing information on an iPhone’s screen, or downloading data from the internet, it’s just a language like JavaScript or Python.
  • To work on cross-platform apps and to speed up the app development process, APIs are used in the Apple development ecosystem.
  • If all of this is not enough and you want to start with something even more intuitive, I have one more option for you, SwiftUI.

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